The Rise of Terrorism

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What specific step can the international community take to address terrorism?

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I think that one of the most important steps that the international community can take is to develop more effective ways of sharing intelligence about the threat of terrorism in different countries.  Terrorism is something whereby the terrorists really only have to be successful once, while intelligence measures have to be successful all of the time.  In this, counterterrorist efforts to coordinate, disseminate, and understand information can be better in terms of articulation.  I think that another step that the international community can take is broader in reach.  In the end, terrorism flourishes best when there is a lack of economic opportunity and outreach.  For those who are marginalized by the economic system, terrorist cells and enlistment in terrorist organizations rise.  I think that being able to ensure that economic marginalization is not so present in many communities around the world will be a good deterrent to the rise of terrorism.  In areas where communities enjoy high levels of employment, but where the threat of terrorism still exists, a rebranding of cultural identity has to become the central focus.  Areas where people feel that cultural identity has been marginalized have to see that cultural acceptance, dialogue, and multiculturalism can be more effective to bringing about social change than embracing tactics of terror.  I think that a shared reexamination of these economic and cultural elements could be extremely effective in helping the international community cope with the emerging challenge of terrorism.

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