The Ripening Seed

by Colette

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

In essence, The Ripening Seed is about growing up. It is a story about the ebbing of childhood as we become more knowledgeable and aware, and how the influences of life change us as we age. The book follows Philippe and Vinca, two childhood friends whose relationship becomes more complicated as they approach adulthood.

The reader follows as Philippe and Vinca grow into two very different people whose personalities and perceptions of life are at odds. Both, however, feel trapped by the courses of life that have been set for them. To escape the pressures of approaching adulthood, the two spend time together (often outside hiking, swimming, and playing in tidal pools) to distract from the angst.

Desperate to preserve their love until they are old enough to marry, Philippe and Vinca fight against all things that threaten their relationship.

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