Why does Lovisa lie to Sigismund in "The Ring"?

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Lovisa begins this story as an immature 19 year old bride.  She believes that the only thing that matters in life is her marriage to her husband, and she also believes that the world holds no danger for her.  She has grown up privileged and does not grasp that she has entered into poverty.  The idea of feeling safe is shown in her reaction to the story of the thief.  She becomes excited, not scared:

‘‘She felt a pleasant thrill running down her spine.’’

However, when faced with the stranger, her fear descends upon her and her sense of priorities is challenged.  She quickly offers up her wedding ring, suggesting that she is willing to risk her marriage for her life.  She understands in that moment that she is not safe, and that life is not a romance.  Her decision at the end to lie to Sigismund comes both from her confusion and her shame.  She is ashamed to realize how immature she has been, and she is confused now about her own priorities, unclear about what life will hold for her, except perhaps: ‘‘poverty, persecution, total loneliness.’’

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