Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Robert Conklin

Robert Conklin, an eighteen-year-old, average in most ways but quieter and more serious than most of his contemporaries. Robert is sensitive and thoughtful. He is almost the opposite of his popular and adventurous brother, who died in an automobile crash. He chooses to spend his time with a fourteen-year-old girl rather than with his schoolmates. It is his “out of character” behavior that creates the situation around which the play revolves.

Eva Jackson

Eva Jackson, a fourteen-year-old girl. Although she is physically disabled and therefore something of an outsider, Eva is in many ways a typical young girl. She is intelligent but given to quick shifts of mood. The willingness of Robert and Eva to indict another person for their own wrongdoings is one of the major issues that this play raises.

Evelyn Jackson

Evelyn Jackson, Eva’s mother. Protective and suspicious, Evelyn is a devout Christian who can find fault with her own daughter but will not allow a word of criticism to be spoken by anyone else.

Mary Windrod

Mary Windrod, a senile old woman. Berated frequently by her daughter, Nelly, Mary is tolerated by the people of Eldritch. She was once known as “the first registered nurse in Des Moines,” but now most people consider her harmlessly crazy. Despite her mental state, Mary is observant and aware, and she tends to see the truth of most situations. She also has dreams that...

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