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Rime of the Ancient Mariner Reflective Essay

by troutmiller

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
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Points to Ponder as we finish the reading….

  • Why did the Ancient Mariner choose that particular wedding guest to whom to tell his story?
  • What is the glittering eye?
  • In the Ancient Mariner appropriately punished for his crime?

Another interesting idea to think about….

The following is called the “Rebirth Pattern” by philosophers and other thinking people.

Yet another…..

FATE = Predetermined – No one has control over his/her life or any situation. It has already been decided.

CHANCE = results from a person’s actions – A series of events have to be set forth for this to happen.

  • Is life determined by fate or chance….or both?
  • Which levels on the rebirth pattern are chance? which are fate? which are both?

Now! Think about the Ancient Mariner’s “journey” and let’s apply these ideas in our discussion.

Who knows? This will create your reflective essay...

Page 2 = other questions to ponder Does the Mariner….

feel guilty or does he just want us to believe that?

act humanely – or is it for show?

pray just in case there is a God (to cover his butt)?

confess to the Hermit in order to be released for his guilt, or to show that he is innocent of murdering his crewmates?

serve his penance when he tells his story to “save” others, or is he all about the “performance” ?

change into a Christian man who reveres all life – or is he covering his butt in the event that there IS a heaven?

Is the Mariner….

saved or does he even care?

Should we…pity the Ancient Mariner? Or is that what he WANTS us to do?

What you need to do is write a Reflective Essay over “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

● You need to have an introduction with the thesis as your last sentence.

● Your second paragraph has to talk about what the Mariner learned from his journey (please be brief, yet complete).

● Your third paragraph has to talk about SOMETHING YOU HAVE LEARNED in your life—that deals with guilt and regret both. Please be as appropriate as you can be. This is a class paper, not a formal confession to all sins.

● Your last paragraph has to start with a restated thesis. Then you need to sum up your points about the Mariner's journey and how it connects to your journey. End with some type of lesson to be learned statement.

Please do not use YOU. You may use I or me. Please double space and use COURIER 12. All paragraphs should be at least 5 sentences long.


Gives students some questions to ponder and the basic set up for a reflective essay based on the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

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