Rifles for Watie

by Harold Keith

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What did Jeff admire about Colonel Watie's men in Rifles for Watie?

Expert Answers

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Watie's men did not fit Jeff's idea of what the enemy must be like. 

Jeff found the men to be genuine and reliable, "the most light-hearted troops he had ever seen" (Chapter 20). Jeff "had never seen men who got so much fun out of doing their rough, hard jobs" and "they fought well" (Chapter 21).  At roll call every man was accounted for, the "stamp of a good outfit" (Chapter 20) and proof of their dedication and loyalty. 

The men were also very good to Jeff, especially Heifer, the cook, who stuck up for him when he was accused by Fields, gave him a place to sleep under the wagon, and cared for him when he was sick.  During the time he was with the Watie outfit, he was able to see them not as enemies but as fellow soldiers with whom he was able to "share...the hardships and dangers that bind fighting men inexorably together" (Chapter 21).

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