Rifles for Watie

by Harold Keith

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What dangerous secret did Sparrow know about Captain Clardy in Rifles for Watie?

Expert Answers

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Sparrow, the camp cook, knows that Captain Clardy is a murderer who once beat a woman to death. But as Clardy's such a dangerous killer, Sparrow's reluctant to let anyone in on his little secret. He fears that if he spills the beans, then he'll become Clardy's next victim. Nevertheless, he tells Jeff about Clardy's sordid past, hoping that he'll keep the information under his hat.

Unfortunately for Sparrow, Jeff inadvertently blurts it out to Clardy in the heat of the moment right in the middle of a battle. Straight away, Clardy knows that Jeff could only have found out he was a murderer from Sparrow. Using the fog of war as a cover, Clardy kills Sparrow in revenge. He knows that, in all likelihood, he'll get away with his latest crime, as most people will assume that Sparrow was killed in battle like so many others.

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