Rifles for Watie

by Harold Keith

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What are some instances where Jeff demonstrates courage, confidence, initiative, and good decision-making in "Rifles for Watie"?

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Wartime is full of opportunities for courage and initiative. Even though soldiers follow orders, they have to make constant decisions in the battlefield. War is full of long periods of waiting followed by short periods of terror, to paraphrase the saying. This is true of young soldiers even more.
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Jeff shows tremendous courage simply by being able to make it through all the stuff that happens to him while he is with the Confederates.  Here he is in a place where he could die at any moment if people realize that he is really a Union soldier and yet he can keep his head about him and survive.  That clearly shows courage and confidence in himself.

As for initiative, how about him being willing to persist in courting Lucy when she really seems to be out of his league?

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