Ridley Scott Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Coleman, John. Review of Legend, by Ridley Scott. New Statesman 110, no. 2855 (13 December 1985): 30-1.

Coleman dismisses Legend as a “limp” Hollywood fable, noting that the film presents “[n]o coherent world of any kind.”

Corliss, Richard. Review of Legend, by Ridley Scott. Time 127 (12 May 1986): 98.

Corliss criticizes Scott as a “master of artifice,” arguing that Legend “is as simple as a bedtime tale.”

Frost, Linda. “The Decentered Subject of Feminism: Postfeminism and Thelma and Louise.” In Rhetoric in an Antifoundational...

(The entire section is 404 words.)