Rick Bass Analysis

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(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

Rick Bass’s first two collections of essays, The Deer Pasture (1985) and Wild to the Heart (1987), revealed both his active concerns as an environmentalist and his passion for hunting and fishing. Bass’s 1989 book, Oil Notes, revealed his wealth of specialized knowledge as a petroleum geologist. He is also the author of a novel, Where the Sea Used to Be (1998).


(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

Many of Rick Bass’s short stories have been selected for the annual The Best American Short Stories, the O. Henry Award, and the Pushcart Prize. In 1987 he received the General Electric Younger Writers Award, and in 1988 he was awarded a PEN/Nelson Algren Award special citation.


(Great Authors of World Literature, Critical Edition)

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