Richard Savage Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

*Woman's a Riddle (play) 1716

The Convocation: or, a Battle of Pamphlets (poetry) 1717

Love in a Veil: a Comedy (play) 1718

The Tragedy of Sir Thomas Overbury (play) 1724

The Authors of the Town; a Satire (poetry) 1725

Miscellaneous Poems and Translations by Several Hands [publisher and contributor] (poetry) 1726

A Poem, Sacred to the Glorious Memory of Our Late Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King George (poetry) 1727

The Bastard. A Poem, Inscribed with All Due Reverence to Mrs. Bret, Once Countess of Macclesfield (poetry) 1728

The Wanderer: A Poem. In Five Canto's (poetry) 1729

An Author to Be Lett [as Iscariot Hackney] (pamphlet) 1729

A Poem to the Memory of Mrs. Oldfield (poetry) 1730

Verses, Occasion'd by the Right Honourable the Lady Vicountess Tyrconnell's Recovery at Bath (poetry) 1730

The Volunteer Laureat. A Poem. Most Humbly Address'd to Her Majesty on Her Birthday (poetry) 1732

The Genius of Liberty. A Poem. Occasion'd by the Departure of the Prince and Princess of Orange (poetry) 1734

The Progress of a Divine. A Satire (poetry) 1735

Of Public Spirit in Regard to Public Works (poetry) 1737, revised 1739

London and Bristol Compared. A Satire: Written in Newgate, Bristol (poetry) 1744

Various Poems … By the late Richard Savage, Esq. (poetry) 1761

The Works of Richard Savage, Esq. Son of the Earl Rivers. With an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, by Samuel Johnson, LL.D., 2 vols. (poetry, plays, and prose) 1775, 1777

The Poetical Works of Richard Savage, [edited by Clarence Tracy] (poetry) 1962

*This work has also been attributed to Christopher Bullock.