Richard Rodriguez

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Castro, Juan E. de. “Richard Rodriguez in ‘Borderland’: The Ambiguity of Hybridity.” Aztlan—A Journal of Chicano Studies 26, no. 1 (spring 2001): 101–126.

Castro praises Rodriguez's works for the important social, political, and moral questions that they raise for the Chicano and Mexican-American communities.

Godine, David. “On Hunger of Memory.San Francisco Review of Books 7, no. 2 (summer 1982): 11–12, 26.

Godine explores the levels of alienation that Rodriguez describes in his autobiography Hunger of Memory.

Review of Brown: The Last Discovery of America, by Richard Rodriguez. Publishers Weekly 249, no. 10 (11 March 2002): 66.

The critic offers a positive assessment of Brown: The Last Discovery of America, calling it “provocative and challenging.”

Additional coverage of Rodriguez's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 110; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vol. 66; DISCovering Authors Modules: Multicultural Authors; Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vols. 82, 256; Hispanic Literature Criticism, Ed. 2; Hispanic Writers, Eds. 1, 2; Literature and Its Times, Vol. 5; Literature Resource Center; and World Literature and Its Times, Vol. 1.

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