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Pamela D. Pollack

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Peck treats rape as a serious issue [in Are You in the House Alone?], effectively dramatizing it in the style of a Hitchcock thriller, with the heroine hounded by obscene notes and heavy-breather phone calls. The book is a page-turner at the same time that it is a rallying cry against antiquarian, antiwomen rape laws; but, most importantly, Peck creates a character with the grit and determination not to be permanently scarred by her scarifying experience. (p. 199)

Pamela D. Pollack, "Sex in Children's Fiction: Freedom to Frighten?" in SIECUS Report (copyright © 1977 by The Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S., Inc.; reprinted by permission), Vol. V, No. 5, May, 1977 (and reprinted in Young Adult Literature: Background and Criticism, edited by Millicent Lenz and Ramona M. Mahood, American Library Association, 1980, pp. 198-203).∗

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