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[The] characters and setting [of The Ghost Belonged to Me] establish themselves very firmly, and the sense of period … is finely conveyed. There is a ring of authenticity in the local gossip, with all its gruesome detail…. Blossom Culp [is] a splendid creation…. [At] first she seems merely brazen, but the depth of her feelings emerges as quietly she involves herself in Alexander's and Miles' efforts to lay the bones of the ghost … with her ancestors in New Orleans…. The rescue [of Alexander's sister from a stupid affair] is exciting, as is the dig for the skeleton, and the book is full of really funny scenes, like Lucille's disastrous coming-out garden party. The beautifully-handled variety of interests holds the reader's attention. (pp. 182-83)

"The New Books: 'The Ghost Belonged to Me'," in The Junior Bookshelf, Vol. 41, No. 3, June, 1977, pp. 182-83.

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