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Jane B. Jackson

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The narrative [of Ghosts I Have Been] gets a bit heavy-handed when Blossom foresees World War I and moralizes on the futility of war, but in general the story is an engrossing adventure and Blossom an engaging narrator. A blurb on the jacket accurately compares Peck's style to Mark Twain's; as in some of Twain's books, the wit and insight of the narrator will be missed by most of the audience the book is intended for. But the story alone should make it popular with YA readers. (p. 12)

Jane B. Jackson, "Fiction: 'Ghosts I Have Been'," in Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide (copyright © by Kliatt Paperback Book Guide), Vol. XIII, No. 6, Fall, 1979, pp. 10, 12.

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