Richard Monckton Milnes Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

The Influence of Homer (essay) 1829

Memorials of a Tour in Some Parts of Greece, Chiefly Poetical (poetry) 1834

Memorials of a Residence on the Continent, and Historical Poems (poetry) 1838

Poems of Many Years (poetry) 1838

A Speech on the Ballot, Delivered in the House of Commons (speech) 1839

Poetry for the People, and Other Poems (poetry) 1840

One Tract More, by a Layman (essay) 1841

Thoughts on Purity of Election (essay) 1842

Palm Leaves (poetry) 1844

The Real Union of England and Ireland (essay) 1845

Speech of R. Monckton Milnes, esq. in the House of Commons, March 11, 1847, on Mr. Hume's Motion Respecting the Suppression of the Free State of Cracow and the Payment of the Russian-Dutch Loan (speech) 1847

Life, Letters, and Literary Remains of John Keats (biography) 1848

The Events of 1848, Especially in Their Relations to Great Britain. A Letter to the Marquis of Lansdowne (essay) 1849

Answer to R. Baxter on the South Yorkshire Isle of Axholme Bill (essay) 1852

Speech of Richard Monckton Milnes in the House of Commons, April 1, 1852. Extracted from Hansard's Parliamentary Debates (speech) 1852

Another Version of Keats's "Hyperion" (essay) 1856 A Discourse of Witchcraft (essay) 1858 Good Night and Good Morning: A Ballad (poetry) 1859

Address on Social Economy (speech) 1862

Selections from the Poetical Works (poetry) 1863

Monographs: Personal and Social (essays) 1873

The Poetical Works of (Richard Monckton Milnes) Lord Houghton (poetry) 1876

Some Writings and Speeches of Richard Monckton Milnes in the Last Year of His Life (essays and speeches) 1888