Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


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A brief biographical sketch of Dana by his grandson.

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A brief obituary essay which addresses Dana's friendship with William Cullen Bryant, his poetry, and the success of his lectures on Shakespeare.

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A biographical and critical study which considers Dana's career in the context of American literary, intellectual, and religious culture.

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A biographical essay which discusses the long personal and literary association between Dana and William Cullen Bryant.


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A generally favorable review which hails Dana as a "moral discoverer," and focuses on "The Buccaneer" and "Paul Felton."

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A long and favorable review which provides a critical discussion of Dana's essays and analyzes several of his major poems.

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A review focusing on three essays from the second volume of Dana's Poems and Prose Writings which finds Dana's view of the past "glaringly exaggerated" and romantic.