Principal Works

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The Torrent and the Night Before 1896

The Children of the Night 1897

Captain Craig 1902; revised edition, 1915

The Town Down the River 1910

The Man Against the Sky 1916

Merlin 1917

Lancelot 1920

The Three Taverns 1920

Avon's Harvest 1921

Collected Poems 1921

Roman Bartholomew 1923

The Man Who Died Twice 1924

Dionysus in Doubt 1925

Collected Poems. 5 vols. 1927; single-volume edition published as Collected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson, 1929; enlarged edition, 1937

Tristram 1927

Fortunatus 1928

Sonnets, 1889-1927 1928

Cavender's House 1929

Modred: A Fragment 1929

The Prodigal Son 1929

Collected Poems 1930

The Glory of the Nightingales 1930

The Valley of the Shadow 1930

An Introduction to Edwin Arlington Robinson and Selected Poems 1931

Matthias at the Door 1931

Poems 1931

Nicodemus: A Book of Poems 1932

Talifer 1933

Amaranth 1934

King Jasper 1935

Collected Poems 1937

Tilbury Town: Selected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson 1953

Selected Early Poems and Letters 1960

Selected Poems 1965

A Tilbury Score 1969

Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Centenary Memoir-Anthology 1971

Uncollected Poems and Prose of Edwin Arlington Robinson 1975

“Miniver Cheevy” and Other Poems 1995

Selected Poems 1997

Van Zorn: A Comedy in Three Acts (play) 1914

The Porcupine: A Drama in Three Acts (play) 1915

Selected Letters of Edwin Arlington Robinson (letters) 1940

Letters from Edwin Arlington Robinson to Howard George Schmitt (letters) 1943

Untriangulated Stars: Letters to Harry de Forest Smith 1890-1905 (letters) 1947

Edwin Arlington Robinson's Letters to Edith Brower (letters) 1968

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