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(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)
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Richard Aldington established himself in the literary world of London as a youthful poet, but later in life he increasingly devoted his attention to prose fiction, translation, biography, and criticism. His first novel, Death of a Hero (1929), drew favorable attention, and it was followed in 1930 by Roads to Glory, a collection of thirteen short stories. Aldington continued to publish fiction until 1946, when his last novel, The Romance of Casanova, appeared.

From early in his career, Aldington was highly regarded as a translator. He translated Remy de Gourmont: Selections from All His Works (1929; 2 volumes) from French, The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio (1930) from Italian, Alcestis (1930) from classical Greek, and other works from Latin and Provençal.

Aldington wrote biographies of the duke of Wellington (1943) and of Robert Louis Stevenson (1957), along with Voltaire (1925), D. H. Lawrence: Portrait of a Genius But . . . (1950), and Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry (1955), along with a substantial body of critical essays.

Other miscellaneous works include Life for Life’s Sake: A Book of Reminiscences (1941) and Pinorman: Personal Recollections of Norman Douglas, Pino Orioli, and Charles Prentice (1954). Aldington also edited The Viking Book of Poetry of the English-Speaking World (1941).