"Was Ever Woman In This Humor Wooed?"

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Context: Richard, Duke of Gloucester, sets about working the evil he had announced in his opening speech. As the funeral cortege of Henry VI, whom Richard slew, passes, Richard halts it and begins paying suit to Lady Anne, widow of Edward, Prince of Wales, whom Richard had also slain. At first Lady Anne curses and defiles him. Richard begins his speech by denying that he killed Henry; then he admits that he did slay him. Lady Anne's anger and hatred apparently thaw. After arranging for a later meeting with her, and after her departure, Richard further reveals his villainy. He is going to woo her and use her. But he can only despise a woman who so quickly forgets her husband's murder and will be wooed by his "misshapen" murderer.

Was ever woman in this humour wooed?
Was ever woman in this humour won?
I'll have her, but I will not keep her long.
What, I that killed her husband, and his father,
. . .
And yet to win her? All the world to nothing.
. . .

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