Act II Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does John of Gaunt hope that King Richard will visit him on his deathbed?

2. What possessions does King Richard seize after Gaunt dies?

3. Who does King Richard appoint Lord Governor of England in his absence?

4. What news does the Earl of Northumberland share with Lord Willoughby and Lord Ross?

5. Why has Bolingbroke delayed his arrival in England?

6. What reasons does the Queen give to explain her sadness?

7. What information does Sir Henry Green deliver to the Queen?

8. Whose death does the Servingman report to the Duke of York?

9. hat does the Duke of York tell Bolingbroke his official position will be in Bolingbroke’s conflict with King Richard?

10. hat omens have made the Welsh Captain believe that King Richard is dead?

1. John of Gaunt hopes that King Richard will visit him on his deathbed so that he might “breathe my last/ In wholesome counsel” to the King. Although Richard has, in the past, paid little heed to his advice, Gaunt believes that he will pay attention to the words of a dying man.

2. After Gaunt dies, King Richard seizes his “plate, his goods, his money, and his lands.”

3. King Richard appoints his uncle, the Duke of York, as Lord Governor of England.

4. The Earl of Northumberland tells Willoughby and Ross that Bolingbroke,...

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