How does The Rez Sisters address class issues?

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I think that Highway's drama addresses the issue of class in an honest and direct manner.  The economic reality that is governing the women of Wasy is that they are poor.  They recognize that participation in the Big Bingo Game is their ticket out of their condition.  Their dreams as to what they will do with the money reflects this.  Some of these dreams, like Marie- Adele's hope of buying an island, reflect how one wishes to use economics to escape their situation entirely.  Others, like Veronique's of buying a stove, reflect how economics is seen as a daily adversary.  The reality is that the allure of the half a million dollar jackpot is what provides the impetus to dreaming.  In this, Highway is suggesting that people immersed in economic challenges tend to focus their dreams on economic liberation.  Interestingly enough, the women's reaction to the Bingo Machine, in terms of destroying it, might be a way in which Highway suggests that economics is not the only reality in which the women live.  While they dream about economic liberation and the use of money to achieve this is a part of the drama, it seems that the solidarity and strength that has emerged through all of their shared experiences has become a reality that has transcended the reality of money.  It is here where I think that Highway is suggesting that class reality is a part of the lives of the women, but it is not the only reality that governs them.

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