Rewind Topics for Discussion
by William Warner Sleator III

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. Is life going to be smooth sailing for Peter after the ending of Rewind?

2. Who might the voice be that Peter hears each time he dies?

3. How does Peter grow during the novel? How is he significantly different at the end as opposed to the beginning of Rewind?

4. Is Kurt Meyer a good person?

5. Why does Peter choose to make his last puppet show one about himself and his family? Is it a good choice?

6. What does the last puppet show reveal about how Peter thinks of himself and of his parents?

7. "I knew they would love the baby more than me," declares Peter early in Rewind. How much of this remark reflects selfishness on his part? How much of it is grounded in reality?

8. When does Peter realize that he himself may be responsible for creating some of his problems? How does he change his behavior after this?

9. What about Peter's behavior annoys his parents? Is Peter right to try to modify that behavior?

10. "But I couldn't just control my emotions by will power," says Peter. How does he learn to control himself?

11. "Peter's always so clever and enthusiastic," Miss Lilly says, comparing Peter to Meyer. This makes Peter seem like the teacher's pet, but more important may be how it affects Meyer. What is Meyer supposed to think about himself?

12. Is Peter too whiney to be a good protagonist?