Rewind Ideas for Reports and Papers
by William Warner Sleator III

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. When is a good time to tell children that they have been adopted? What do specialists in child psychology recommend?

2. British author Wilkie Collins said that it was the novelist's job to find the romance in everyday life. To what extent does Rewind manage to do this?

3. What are the similarities between Peter's trying to learn to play baseball and Meyer's trying to learn to make a puppet? What do these experiences tell us about each character?

4. "Realistic details are what make people believe things they find hard to believe," Eloise tells Peter. How does Peter put this idea into action? What does he learn about entertaining an audience when he tries to do what Eloise suggests?

5. "Research helps you make it realistic. And the more realistic it is, the more you believe in the magic," Peter says to Meyer. How does Sleator put this principal to work in Rewind?

6. In one of his lives, Peter creates a flip-the-pages animation of a pitcher throwing a ball, a batter hitting it, and then the ball flying out of the ballpark. Create your own animation of the events in Rewind.

7. The premise of Rewind leaves many possibilities for stories of people who get second chances at life. Write one of your own, sticking to the rules set out in Rewind but featuring characters and situations out of your imagination.