The Revolutionary War

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Why did Canada assist Britain in the Revolutionary War?

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During the time of the American Revolution, Canada existed of two main regions: Nova Scotia and Quebec. Nova Scotia was fairly isolated and had a large British military presence, so they remained loyal to Britain throughout the war. However, some of those living in Nova Scotia did go into the colonies to fight alongside the colonists. Quebec was comprised of French Canadians, and in 1774, the British Parliament passed the Quebec Act. This act guaranteed the French Canadians’ rights to language, religion, and civil law. Although many French Canadians were not happy with the English, they mostly stayed out of the war. Their culture was protected under the Quebec Act, and they didn’t know what the future would hold if they sided with the colonists, who had denounced the act. During the Revolution, the colonists invaded Canada, but were held back by Canadian forces, and Canada became the place that many loyalists fled during and after the war.

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