Reservation Blues Chapter 9 Summary
by Sherman Alexie

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Chapter 9 Summary

After returning from New York, Junior climbs the tribal water tower with a loaded gun. While standing at the railing, he puts the butt of the rifle on the ground and leans his face into the barrel. A crowd has formed below him. Tribal cops have arrived.

The rest of the Coyote Springs band members are at Thomas’s house on lockdown, unaware of what Junior is doing. The tribal police have told them to stay inside because death threats have been circulating throughout the reservation. Everyone is angry at Coyote Springs for their failure in New York. Most of the death threats, however, have come from White Hawk.

After Victor, Thomas, and Chess fall asleep, Checkers sneaks out a back window and walks to the Catholic Church, where she finds Father Arnold. He is crying. Checkers goes to him and asks him what the problem is. Father Arnold tells Checkers that he is leaving the reservation. He cannot stay there any more. He does not know if he can even remain a priest. Checkers tells Father Arnold he cannot abandon her because she loves him. Father Arnold tells Checkers that this is the problem. He has been dreaming about her, but he should not be doing so. He has dedicated his life to God. Later, when Father Arnold calls his bishop to resign, the bishop refuses to accept Father Arnold’s resignation.

In New York, Sheridan is making a proposition to Mr. Armstrong, the head of the record company. Betty and Veronica are in the studio waiting to audition. Armstrong is not impressed with the women or their music. Sheridan tells Armstrong that the women are part Indian. They could change the way they dress. They could dye their hair black and wear braids and have plastic surgery on their faces to give them higher...

(The entire section is 470 words.)