Reservation Blues Chapter 6 Summary
by Sherman Alexie

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Chapter 6 Summary

The story takes a quick glance at what Robert Johnson has been doing. He found Big Mom and has been staying at her house. However, that he is not doing much better. His hands are healing and he is enjoying a break from his guitar, but he fears the guitar will eventually find him. He claims that it always has. He has thrown his guitar in rivers and dropped it several floors from tall buildings. Once he even buried it, but it has always returned.

At Thomas’s house, Coyote Springs is not faring much better. They have spent most of the money they won in Seattle and are very hungry. Many of the people on the reservation have turned against them. Some complain that the White women, Betty and Veronica, should not be in the band. Others do not like the band because they are playing music of the devil. A few do not like the idea of Flathead Reservation girls singing in the band and living on the Spokane reservation. David WalksAlong has written a letter that was published in the Wellpinit Rawhide Press. The letter expresses concern about how Coyote Springs is representing the Spokane tribe. David hopes the members will all quit, as Checkers has done, and join the church.

Thomas agrees to go to church with Chess on Sunday. During the service, Thomas falls asleep. When he awakens, an old woman tells Thomas how much the people on the reservation are turning against him and his band. The woman claims that because the band has performed off the reservation, Thomas no longer belongs there. Some people have even suggested that the members of the band be banned from the reservation.

Victor and Junior not doing much better. At the Trading Post, they run into White Hawk, the young man who has recently been released from jail. White Hawk physically charges into Victor and Junior and beats them pretty badly in a fight. In retaliation, the-man-who-was-probably-Lakota bashes in White Hawk’s head. All three young men are...

(The entire section is 525 words.)