Form and Content

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Margery Sharp’s The Rescuers is the story of three mice who daringly save a prisoner from the dreaded Black Castle. The heroes are representatives of the Prisoners’ Aid Society, a community of mice whose mission is to console and rescue prisoners. Bernard, a humble mouse who lives in the pantry of a diplomatic embassy, is dispatched by the society to recruit the beautiful and aristocratic mouse Miss Bianca for the mission to the Black Castle. As a pet of the ambassador’s son, Miss Bianca frequently travels in the official diplomatic bag and can therefore journey to Norway to find a mouse who can communicate with the imprisoned poet, who is also Norwegian. Although reluctant to forsake her pampered life in a gilded cage, called the Porcelain Pagoda, Miss Bianca is flattered by Bernard’s admiration and agrees to help.

In Norway, Miss Bianca encounters a friendly crowd of sailor mice in the local embassy’s pantry. One of them, Nils, agrees to join the mission, and Miss Bianca offers personally to show him the way back by boat to the Prisoners’ Aid Society, where he is to join Bernard. Unwilling to admit that she has no idea how to get back there herself, Miss Bianca draws a picture of a garden party hat, which Nils interprets as a map. Through sheer good luck, they eventually find their way back to the society’s Moot-House and from there embark on the trip to the Black Castle.

A jolly journey in a provision wagon brings...

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