Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Renée Mauperin

Renée Mauperin (reh-NAY moh-peh-RAH[N]), a French girl. She is a sensitive, lively girl and her father’s favorite child. She is in no hurry to settle down in marriage. Like her friend Naomi, Renée is horrified when she learns that her brother Henri is his prospective mother-in-law’s lover. In revenge, Renée notifies M. de Villacourt that her brother is taking the man’s name. When she thinks her action has been discovered, she has a heart attack and then wastes away to death.

M. Mauperin

M. Mauperin, Renée’s father and a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars. Once a scholar and interested in politics, he is now a middle-class businessman. He is grief-stricken when all three of his children die within a short time.

Mme Mauperin

Mme Mauperin, Renée’s mother. She is a very proper woman who wants her family to be respectable above all else. She dotes on her son and cannot see his selfishness. Like her husband, she is grief-stricken at the deaths of her children.

Henri Mauperin

Henri Mauperin (ah[n]-REE), Renée’s brother. He is a political economist and a lawyer, a cold, calculating, and extremely selfish man. He becomes the lover of his fiancée’s mother in order to further his marriage to the daughter. When his fiancée learns of the affair, he...

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