The Removalists

by David Williamson

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Shortly after Constable Ross has started on the job, Sergeant Simmonds tells him,

Something doesn’t have to be very big before it’s too big for us, and likewise something doesn’t have to be all that small before it’s not worth worrying about.

This quotation demonstrates Williamson's intent to satirize the police force in the play; it also reveals the lead officer's own uninspiring views. He also tells Ross to "stuff the rule book up your arse," which is an apt quote for developing Simmonds's crude character.

An insight into another theme of the book, domestic violence, is evidenced when Fiona explains that

It hardly inspires confidence when you’re made love to one minute and bashed up the next.

Fiona is the quieter of the two sisters, and so her own perspective as the victim of domestic violence is especially pitiable.

The title character, the removalist (i.e., the man sent to remove the furniture in the Carters' home prior to Kenny's intended arrest), is the smallest role; however, he is the only character to avoid confrontation throughout the play. In fact, he avoids conflict to the extent that he might be accused of a sin of omission. When Kenny is beaten up by the police, he begs the removalist to call the other police headquarters. The removalist declares,

You must be mad. Do you think they’d come down and collar their own mates?

This quote illustrates the prominence of corruption within the police force.

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