The Removalists

by David Williamson

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The Removalists is a play set in Australia and written by Australian playwright David Williamson. Set in the city of Melbourne, the play follows a newly trained officer: Constable Neville Ross. The play includes just six parts (four male parts, including the protagonist Ross, and two female parts). The only two females in the play are sisters Kate Mason and Fiona Carter. They have come to the police station at Kate's behest, as Fiona's husband, Kenny, has abused Fiona to the extent that he has left physical wounds. At the police station, Ross's overbearing boss, Sergeant Dan Simmonds, first suggests that Ross take on the case; however, Ross soon becomes allured by the women's sexuality, coupled with their distress.

Fiona is willing to go along with the arrest of her husband but expresses reservations about furniture being unpaid for. To solve this problem, they arrange for a "removalist" to come retrieve the furniture while Kenny is away, but he remains home unexpectedly before the removalist arrives. Kenny is suspicious of the individual, who insists that he was indeed instructed to be at that address.

Just in time, Ross and Simmonds arrive and handcuff Kenny. Kenny threatens and insults the officers, and Simmonds beats him in front of Fiona. Ross takes Kenny to the police station, but when Kenny continues to insult Ross, Ross beats him to the extent that he believes him dead. Simmonds returns to find Ross in distress over his presumed murder of Kenny. While they brainstorm ways to justify the murder, Kenny gets up. Simmonds and Ross try to silence him with bribery, but he soon dies anyway. Ross has the idea that they should make it look like Kenny assaulted the officers. The two punch each other during the final scene.

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