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1. What is the role of the tiger in Chinese literature? Does Alexander come close to capturing the traditional Chinese literary view of the tiger?

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2. The literature of China has a long history. What role has it played in Chinese culture? How did the ancient Chinese regard it?

3. How does Alexander evoke the feel and tone of ancient Chinese fiction? How well does he succeed? (You may need to cite ancient Chinese works to support your ideas.)

4. Jen gives Fragrance of Orchid a kite shaped like a bird. What is Chinese kite-making like? Are there Chinese kites shaped like birds? What role have kites played in the Chinese culture?

5. Voyaging Moon plays a flute. What are traditional Chinese flutes like? What role do they have in Chinese music? How are they made?

6. The magical bowl is a significant symbol in Chinese and Southeast Asian literature and folklore. In what forms does the magical bowl appear in folktales? What does it usually symbolize? What appears in magical bowls besides gold coins?

7. Were there bondmaids in ancient China? If so, what were they expected to do? What would be the expectations for Voyaging Moon?

8. How would it be possible for Jen to have spent his entire life within his father's palace? What were ancient Chinese palaces like? Was it possible for a prince to reach manhood in such a palace without having ventured outside the palace grounds?

9. The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen digresses often from the main plot. Is this typical of Chinese literature? What forms or styles of Chinese literature have the qualities of The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen?

10. Did the ancient Chinese have a philosophy for the moral conduct of government? Does it share anything in common with the views expressed in The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen?

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