The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

by Lloyd Alexander

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How does Jen react to the cangue in chapter 25 of The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen?

Expert Answers

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At first, "when the Adminsistrator of Benevolent Correction bolted and saeld the wooden collar, hen was raging and kicking and had to be held down." 

Later, the weight of the device quells his temper somewhat:  "(t)he widht of the cangue slowed his steps and caused him to walk with a stoop." 

Jen decides that he "must turn his attention to breaking free."  He treats the cangue as a worthy adversary, speaking to it respectfully in order to gain his freedom:  "Master Cangue," Jen said, "whoever devised you did it cleverly and neatly...To undo you, I must be equally clever." 

Jen battles the cangue, who is a worthy adversary, not easily giving up despite his ferocious blows.  The war goes on, but the cangue will not be defeated.  At the end of Ch. 25, Jen feels desperate:  he was "howling like a wolf."   

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