The Remains of the Day Overview Quiz

eNotes' The Remains of the Day Overview Quiz includes questions on both the small details and grander interpersonal relationships of Ishiguro's novel to prepare you for your next test or essay.

  1. What does Stevens eventually acknowledge about Lord Darlington?

  2. What did Lord Darlington due that outraged Miss Kenton?

  3. What question does Stevens repeatedly ponder throughout the novel?

  4. What had Stevens' father done for a living?

  5. What is the purpose of Stevens' visit to Miss Kenton?

  6. What did Lord Darlington pass out all over England?

  7. Why did Miss Kenton leave Darlington Hall?

  8. What does Stevens realize after his visit with Miss Kenton?

  9. How long has Stevens been employed at Darlington Hall?

  10. What does Stevens do when he hears of his father's death?