I Remain in Darkness

by Annie Ernaux

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Topics for Further Study

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• Read Ernaux’s A Woman’s Story. Write an essay comparing the mother-daughter relationship portrayed in both books.

• Do you think Ernaux’s memoir benefited from the unedited journal format that she chose? Explain your answer.

• Find out how to care for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Then write an article to share with the adult children of Alzheimer’s sufferers, giving suggestions on coping with the disease.

• Conduct research to find out more about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and any new discoveries that may help to cure it or help those who suffer from it.

• Do you think Ernaux should have cared for Blanche at home? Explain your answer.

• Describe your perception of the relationship between Ernaux and her mother as presented in I Remain in Darkness.

• Think about some difficulty that you have faced in your life. Do you think writing about this difficulty would have been beneficial or harmful to you, or would it have had little effect? Explain your answer.

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