When were actors allowed to recieve sacraments in the Catholic church?

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This is an odd question. I think we can answer this question in two ways. If you are looking for a historical answer, then we can say that during the time of Constantine and subsequent Christian Roman Emperors, actors were not very fondly looked upon. There was a cultural bias. In this context, some may have been refused the sacraments. There might be some indication of this in the law code of Theodosius. For example, if someone leaves the acting profession and goes back, there are penalties. Why? The assumption is that Christians should not be actors.

Another way we can look at this question is by saying that the church never forbid actors from taking the sacraments. The sacraments are only withheld if there is an unrepentant lifestyle. As long as an actor is part of the "faithful," then they are more than able to partake of the sacraments.

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