What is the role of women in inter-religious dialogue in Nigeria?

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Nigeria is a country made up of both Muslims and Christians. Christians constitute about half of the population in the country, while the other half is made up of Muslims. The disparity in religious beliefs between the two religions has been a recipe for conflict among Nigerian citizens. As a result, the Nigerian Inter-religious Council (NIREC) was formed so as to foster dialogue between the Christians and Muslims in the country. Among the 50 members constituting NIREC, 9 of them are women. This shows that women play an important role in inter-religious dialogue in Nigeria. Despite their inclusion in NIREC, women have always advocated for the inclusion of more women in the council. Further, in Kaduna, a program made up of leaders from both Christian and Muslim women's organizations has been initiated with a purpose to foster peace by coming up with efficient conflict-resolution mechanisms. In addition to conflict-resolution, the program also addresses other problems (including early marriage among girls) and acts as a voice for the women in their society. Thus, it is evident that women in Nigeria play an important role in fostering peace and conflict-resolution through inter-religious dialogue.

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