Is there any conflict between any two religions such as with one religion saying bad things about the other?


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Sadly, there are huge numbers of examples of one religion saying bad things about the other.  This does not necessarily mean that all people from one religion are against all people from the other, but we often hear examples of people from one religion criticizing another.

Right here in the United States, we have the example of evangelical Christian criticisms of the Mormon church.  Recently, a supporter of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (who is running for president) criticized the Mormon faith, presumably because Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is also running for president.  The supporter, a pastor, said that Mormonism is a cult and is not Christian.

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is also seen by many evangelicals as a cult.  In turn, Adventists are very strongly opposed to the Roman Catholic Church.  They sometimes call the Church the antichrist and argue that it will help to oppress true believers in the end times.

There are many other possible examples of religions criticizing one another.

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