Comprehending God, Poe, the Bible and Candid style.

Comprehending God Poe, the Bible and Candid style.


Poe said...

If we cannot comprehend God in his visible works, how then in his inconceivable thoughts, that call the works into being? If we cannot understand him in his objective creatures, how then in his substantive moods and phases of creation?


This is basically what scriptures say when they say to seek God in the heavens. Nature IOW.


These views are what led to my apotheosis and I endorse them wholeheartedly. 

Expert Answers

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I am a strong supporter of the philosophy that each person comprehends God in his or her unique way.  I think this is one of the things Poe is suggesting in this quote.  Basically, there is no actual way a person understand what God understands.  So each person needs to come to his or her own understanding, ownership, and appreciation of God.  No one person can tell you what God believes, or force you to believe something.

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