Comment on the Parker Palmer book Let Your Life Speak.

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Let Your Life Speak is American academic Parker Palmer's 2000 book on personal vocational guidance drawn from his own experiences.

Though the book is basically non-sectarian, Parker Palmer's concepts and teaching in Let Your Life Speak are drawn from his study of Quaker ideas. He begins with the question "Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me?" Palmer then proceeds to encourage the reader to identify their inner drive and to, ultimately, embrace a leadership role not only within their community but in the management of themselves. This, Parker says, is something many people resist due to a combination of modesty and cynicism. However, Parker cautions, leadership should be a cooperative process instead of a competitive one.

Let Your Life Speak provides an inspirational pathway to personal occupational development, albeit one which—in its dependence on nebulous criteria such as vision and inner voice—sometimes risks delving too strongly into inspiration at the sacrifice of practical route-charting in personal guidance.

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