Consider what Job (from the bible) was forced to endure and the reasons he was put through these trials?


I'm doing an essay and one of the questions in the essay I have to respond to is this one.  could you help me answer it correctly please? I would appreciate it very much - thanks Joelle

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The book of Job is a book of magnificent poetry designed to teach a moral lesson. Job's trials resulted from a conversation between God and Satan. The name Satan means "accuser." Satan suggested that Job was only loyal to God because he was wealthy. God agreed to let Satan take everything away from Job; but he still remained faithful. Satan then suggested that because Job had his health, he would remain faithful. At that point, he was stricken with boils.

Job's friends who came to comfort him insisted that Job had done something wrong, and that his suffering was punishment for his sin. Job, insisted he had done nothing wrong, and at one point tells his friends, "miserable comforters are you all."  Later, God appears to Job and challenges him for questioning God's judgment.

Bottom line, Job teaches that hard times and difficulties come to everyone, the good and the bad. It is not necessarily retribution for sin. In the end, Job remains faithful and receives more than he ever had in the beginning. A good source you might consider is Reuben Kessler's When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

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