Religion in the Thirteen Colonies

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Who was the first governor of the Puritans?

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The very first Puritan governor was most definitely John Winthrop.  He was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for over ten years of the colony's existence.  As one of the very first immigrants to come from Europe to the continent of North America, John Winthrop was hoping to establish a very pure church here in the new world.  John Winthrop was the founder who said, "I had also a great striveing in my heart to draw others to God."  Even though he sometimes clashed with the more conservative religious leaders, John Winthrop's rules on government were considered "authoritarian."  John Winthrop only wanted a small number of religious elders to vote.  Further, he did not want that small group to be limited in their doings by any kind of laws or codes of conduct (because they would already be considered religious elders). Ironically, John Winthrop was against pure democracy which he considered the "worst" kind of government.

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