The Relaxed Body Book Summary

The Relaxed Body Book

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

There is no denying the mind-body connection between stress and its physical ravages. Both mental and physical stress, if excessive, can take their toll on the body and cause headaches, neck pain, backaches, stomach distress, heart problems, foot trouble, and sexual disfunction. This book is designed to deal with the physical effects of whatever stress one encounters.

The book is divided into three main areas. The first, “Relaxation: Mind and Body,” deals with psychological and physical stress. This section, which tells how to break the “stress spiral,” includes a list of techniques for dealing with muscle tension and tests for determining the type of stress to which one is subject, with accompanying lists of relaxers based on whether one has body stress, mind stress, or a combination of both. The second area, “The Tension Trail,” gives specific exercise routines to relieve tension from the head, jaw, neck, back, and feet, and offers suggestions for dealing with gastrointestinal problems related to tension at the dinner table. The third area, “Night and Day,” recommends ways to deal with stress-related sexual problems and gives exercises as well as advice for getting a good night’s sleep and for making everyday moves benefit one’s body.

Avid readers of self-help books and magazines will find that the general advice is nothing new, but the collection of exercises (well-illustrated by photographs) is excellent and provides a good single source for guiding a person through an exercise program aimed at relieving tension in the body. An annotated bibliography of books and audiotapes on relaxation techniques and a list of related organizations complete the book.

The editors of AMERICAN HEALTH magazine worked on the production of the PBS-TV series, BODYWATCH, at the same time that they worked on this book. The book material supplements and supports the television series.