(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed


Loveless, a gentleman living quietly in the country after a period of marital troubles. He goes to London frequently, however, to test his reform. He finds little difficulty in suffering a relapse.


Amanda, his wife. She remains chaste in spite of the combined efforts of her would-be lover and a friend who plays on her jealousy.


Berinthia, a comely widow and Amanda’s friend. Loveless is attracted to Berinthia and succeeds with her easily.


Worthy, a gentleman of the town who was formerly Berinthia’s lover. He enlists her aid in his pursuit of Amanda. Although Amanda admits him to her house, she retains her virtue.

Sir Novelty Fashion, Lord Foppington

Sir Novelty Fashion, Lord Foppington, a London fop who makes advances to Amanda and is repulsed by her and slightly wounded by Loveless. He is engaged to wealthy Miss Hoyden and marries her, only to learn afterward that she is already the wife of his younger brother.

Young Fashion

Young Fashion, the brother of Lord Foppington. Unsuccessful in getting his brother to pay his debts, young Fashion pretends to be Lord Foppington and is admitted to Sir Tunbelly Clumsey’s house as Miss Hoyden’s fiancé. He persuades her to marry him secretly. Before the marriage is made known, the real Lord Foppington arrives, and young Fashion...

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