The Relapse

by Sir John Vanbrugh

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Loveless and Amanda are a young married couple living far out in the country. Loveless goes into the city often for work and this develops tension between the couple. Amanda begins to fear that he may cheat. The two are in the city together when Loveless becomes entranced by a woman in a crowd.

Bernithia is the woman who Loveless admires in the crowd. The woman turns out to be Amanda’s close friend, Berinthia. Eventually Loveless and Berinthia have an affair.

Worthy is interested in Amanda and asks for Berinthia’s help in getting her attention. Berinthia agrees and uses her affair with Loveless in an attempt to cause Amanda to cheat with Worthy.

Lord Foppington is the eldest and most wealthy son who enjoys glamour and notoriety. He is very social and not attentive to his younger brother. Lord Foppington is arranged to be married to Miss Hoyden. However, he becomes consumed by Amanda’s beauty and attempts to tell her. Loveless hurts Lord Foppington with his sword.

Fashion is the nearly broke brother and at the suggestion of his servant, Lory, asks Lord Foppington, his older brother, to assist him financially. Lord Foppington ignores his multiple requests. The brothers end up fighting.

Miss Hoyden is the daughter of Sir Tunbelly Clumsey. She is arranged to be married to Lord Foppington.

Coupler is the paid-for matchmaker who is wary of Lord Foppington. Out of fear that he may not get paid for his services he devises a plan for Fashion to pretend to be his brother, Lord Foppington.

Bull is the chaplain who marries Fashion (who is pretending to be Lord Foppington) and Miss Hoyden. The marriage is considered a sham when the truth comes out.

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