Regionalism and Local Color in Short Fiction Criticism: Regionalism/Local Color Fiction Of The Northeast - Essay

Atlantic Monthly (essay date June 1891)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: “New England in the Short Story.” Atlantic Monthly 67 (June 1891): 845-50.

[In the following essay, an anonymous reviewer for the Atlantic Monthly discusses short story collections by three regional authors from New England: Annie Trumbull Slosson, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, and Sarah Orne Jewett.]

There are two periods in the life of a country when the short story is peculiarly adapted to display the characteristics of the people: the first is when the country is virgin soil for the novelist; the second is when the soil, in agricultural phrase, is worn out. At the present time, the South, and more particularly the Southwest, illustrates the former of...

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Susan Allen Toth (essay date 1985)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Toth, Susan Allen. “‘The Rarest and Most Peculiar Grape’: Versions of the New England Woman in Nineteenth-Century Local Color Literature.” In Regionalism and the Female Imagination: A Collection of Essays, edited by Emily Toth, pp. 15-28. New York: Human Sciences Press, 1985.

[In the following essay, Toth considers New England regional fiction by female authors in terms of the changing status of women in late-nineteenth century America.]

Watching the lucidly neurotic heroine of Erica Jong's Fear of Flying agonize toward an independence she needs but fears and listening uncomfortably to Jong's frank criticism of men and marriage, many contemporary...

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Donna M. Campbell (essay date 1999)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Campbell, Donna M. “‘In Search of Local Color’: Context, Controversy, and The Country of the Pointed Firs.” In Jewett and Her Contemporaries: Reshaping the Canon, edited by Karen L. Kilcap and Thomas S. Edwards, pp. 63-75. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1999.

[In the following essay, Campbell elucidates critical responses to local color fiction in the late nineteenth century, focusing on the critical response to Sarah Orne Jewett's short story cycle The Country of the Pointed Firs when it was first published in the 1890s.]

When The Country of the Pointed Firs appeared in 1896, it received “Jewett's usual favorable...

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