In “Women and Emergence of the NAACP” Linda S. Moore talks about how black women freed from slavery could not vote, the fifteenth amendment, voting rights act of 1965, and education. Write a paragraph about it.

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In "Women and the Emergence of the NAACP," Linda S. Moore details the history of women's contributions to the Civil Rights movement, and the founding of the NAACP. The article highlights the contribution of both African American and white women that led to the organization's foundation. The collaboration between white women and women of color during the mid- to late-20th century illustrated unity among female activists, which can be rooted to the Suffrage movement and early women's rights initiatives. The article particularly details women's call for a national conference regarding civil rights among African Americans, which came to be known as "The Call." While the article covers a wide variety of sub-topics within the Civil Rights movement and feminist movements, the central thesis of the article argues for the progression of social work education based on the historical lessons during the progressive era, particularly educating female sociology scholars and young social work professionals.

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