Why doesn't the US government push the maritime industry to train crew members on cyber awareness and properly fund necessary ship cyber network upgrades?

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As with any issues regarding the American military, money and strength are the first and foremost important issues in regard to government expenditures, particularly in regard to the military. As of 2017, the US government has stated that the US defense budget hovers around 5 to 6 billion dollars a year. That is about 15 to 20% of the total US federal budget, and it is spent solely in regard to the US military, Air Force, etc. In terms of strategy, it is unclear whether or not the correct course of action would be to focus on education of crew-mates or spend more time and money on industrial improvements, such as upgraded technology and computer software. As of today, the US is currently "at war" in a variety of contexts, so it is unclear how much time and money should be spent in accordance with active engagement such as new technology.

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