Who do the Assyrians trade with today?

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Assyria was an ancient kingdom in Mesopotamia (in what is now present-day northern Iraq). Assyrian descendants still reside in Iraq and parts of Iran, Syria and Turkey; Assyrians have immigrated to various parts of North America and Europe as well. They are one of most persecuted ethnic groups in Iraq today, and many of the Iraqi citizens who have fled the country are Assyrians. They were the victims of genocide during World War I and, later, in the 1930s. There is still a small but active group who propose Assyrian independence and the creation of an Assyrian homeland. The Assyrian Congress created an Assyrian flag in 1968, and the Assyrian Provisional Government (based in Chicago) drew up a constitution for a proposed state in the 1970s. The Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) is still a small but active political party in Iraq today.

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