When writing a concluding paragraph of an essay, how would you write sentences 2-4 (middle sentences)?

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This question is similar to your last question. If you keep the following few points in mind, then you should be fine.

First, the structure of a successful paragraph is a contained unit. The first sentence or sentences introduces an idea, which you will develop for the rest of the paragraph. For the concluding paragraph of an essay, it will be be a summary of your thesis of some sorts. The following sentences, then should seek the support the summary of your thesis.

Second, craft your middle sentences to support your thesis in creative ways. If you simply restate your thesis with the same words, it will not be successful. Variation with the same theme is the key. Let me give you an example. If you are writing about the importance of green technology, you might write:

As one can see, green technology will be important for future generations. The lack of resources is become more and more evident. Moreover, the accessibility of theses natural resources is becoming dangerously difficult to obtain. In light of this, conservation and the development of new technologies will be the way forward. A new generation of men and women will have to lead the way to a cleaner and more effective future.

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