What is some interesting news that relates to math or numbers? 


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An interesting news piece that relates to math and numbers is the report that mathematicians have developed a new way to improve aircraft boarding. This is being touted as a new third way to improve the boarding of airplanes. Dr. Tie-Qiao Tang said that researchers created mathematical models using pedestrian flow theory. A number of studies of pedestrian flows have taken place especially over the past 30 years. There has been strong interest in the topic since the early 1990's.

In the study, pedestrian flow theory compared three kinds of boarding of aircraft. One was random boarding. The second was the current boarding system in place of assigned seating. The third kind was a new way that accounted for passengers' individual properties. This included luggage, as well as maximum speed. The results of this research highlighted that random boarding by passengers was the most inefficient. The new third way was deemed the most efficient. The mathematical modelling and interpretation of the numbers led to this conclusion.

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I do not know if you are an American student, but presently, there are many numbers in the news because of the presidential election coming up very soon.  Every day, you can read an article in the paper about the polls being taken, for example, who people say they will vote for or whom they find more likable between the candidates.  Because a candidate must get, I believe, 270 electoral votes, there are also articles about the various combinations of states that are needed to win. 

Another kind of news that has many numbers is the stock market report.  The stocks gain and lose value daily, and a percentage of loss or gain overall is reported, too. If you look in any newspaper, you will see an entire page of these numbers!

Recently, the mayor of New York City proposed a ban on serving anything larger than a 16-ounce soft drink and the ban was passed.  This is a question of math, too, both the maximum ounces and the idea that people will be forced to consume fewer calories.  This is intended to help solve the obesity problem, and of course, that is all about math, counting the calories. 

The world is filled with numbers!

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